There Have Been 10,679 New Cyber Vulnerabilities Identified Since The Outbreak of Covid 19 in China.

IPG's GearBox Can Help Keep You Safe

What We Do

Infrastructure Proving Grounds (IPG) creates Enterprise Class products and solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT) market.

GearBox, IPG’s premier offering, is a management and security appliance, directed towards the I-IoT Control Plane.


The State of the Market

It is widely recognized that the Industrial Internet of Things is exploding.  I-IoT is on its way to touching 43% of the world economy.  50 Billion internet connected devices will be deployed in the next 5 years.  For perspective, it would take Amazon, FedEx and UPS 6 years to deliver 50 Billion packages at their current rates.

How will all of this technology be installed properly, secured and managed so that it works correctly?  This is the market we target and the problems we help companies solve.


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