What Is GearBox?

GearBox is an on-premise appliance that Manages, Synchronizes, Orchestrates and Secures IoT defined networks.   GearBox brings intelligence to the edge of Industrial IoT networks, enabling unparalleled insight to IoT defined networks.

Key attributes of GearBox include:

  • Solid State Appliance

  • Ruggedized & Fanless

  • Out of Band Communication/Monitoring

  • 0C - 50C Operating Temperature

  • Dual Ethernet Connectors

  • Rack, Shelf, Wall, DIN Rail Mountable

What Does GearBox Do?

GearBox provides a way to gather intelligence about your I-IoT Networks and the IoT assets that are connected to those networks.  There are four primary areas where GearBox collects and displays data:


GearBox interrogates the network and creates a list or inventory of all network connected assets.  Depending on the devices, GearBox also provides additional information "fingerprint" about the assets.  When a GearBox is permanently installed, these activities can be scheduled on a recurring basis so that the network and the assets on the network can be monitored on an ongoing basis.


Most IoT defined networks don't have dedicated network resources.  GearBox acts as a dedicated Time Server, DHCP Server and a DNS Server for IoT defined networks.


GearBox provides local caching so that firmware updates, patches and fixes can be downloaded to the network premises and staged for implementation.


GearBox intelligence that GearBox collects is saved and compared to Federal Government proctored databases such the Common Vulnerabilities (CVE) database.  GearBox uses the information gathered in the Manage phase of the network scan to determine iof there are known vulnerabilities of which the owner/operator/consultant should be aware.  GearBox presents these vulnerabilities is a simple, easy to access format, making the information highly actionable and remediation and snap.

How Does GearBox Work?

One of the main advantages to GearBox is that is is so simple to use.  Simply plug the GearBox appliance in to the desired network, and use a secure browser to launch a scan.  GearBox is intelligent enough to figure out the rest, gather the pertinent information and deliver the results to the same secure web page for review.

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