Know the Facts

All communities need safe drinking water and properly treated wastewater. In order to provide these services reliably, utilities should:

  • Conduct an assessment and reduce risk

  • Plan for and practice responding to emergencies

  • Monitor systems for contaminants

Excerpt from EPA"Basics of Water Resilience" Webpage

  • Simple Web Client Configuration

  • Simple Installation

  • Creates EPA Cyber Security Report

  • Buy, Rent or Lease Options Available

  • Great For One-Time Compliance Tests

GearBox Supports the Assessment and Monitoring EPA Mandates

GearBox Keeps Water Treatment Facilities Compliant

How GearBox Works

GearBox provides a simple and easy to use way to find IoT Devices on the network, assess their posture and fix any vulnerabilities that present them selves.


GearBox presents a report that adheres to the NIST 800-53 Cyber-Security requirements currently being enforced by the EPA, DHS and DOC.

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