Which GearBox subscription is best for me?

GearBox is a subscription known as "Hardware-As-A-Service".  This means that GearBox has a hardware component and a software subscription component.  There are three versions or modes in which you can subscribe to GearBox.

How Many Devices or Nodes Can GearBox Cover

GearBox is designed to manage between 200 and 250 nodes or connected devices.

GearBox Rental

GearBox Rental is ideal for Commissioning and Compliance related projects.  Designed for use cases that are short term in nature, such as single project use, a GearBox Rental subscription allows users to meet compliance requirements for commissioning projects, validate installations meet specification or perform security operations such a penetration testing.  

GearBox On-Demand

GearBox On-Demand is designed for IoT Service Providers, Integrators and Consultants who operate multiple networks and need mobility across networks.  GearBox On-Demand is great for use cases where management and security need to be performed as a service across your customer portfolio.  

GearBox Persistent

GearBox Persistent is for users who own and operate Industrial IoT networks and need security, management and monitoring on an ongoing basis.  GearBox Persistent is great for permanent installations where management and security need to be monitored over time. 

How Do I Get GearBox

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